frequency during a load test, and the frequency at rest. The pulse can be better tracked during the study exercise bike. These exercises can be performed in a hospital, when there is a need for a defibrillator and resuscitation equipment handy. The tubers of the plant family dymyankovyh sold in small brown solid flattened balls. They, in turn, are transparent, greenish-yellow. bitter taste, similar to the taste of legumes. It is believed that the plants cradle Siberia valacyclovir medication side effects Kamchatka flood Amura.Vesma effective aqueous solution consisting of 40 g of grass lungwort, 1c. l. linseed, 1c. l. milled comfrey and 100 g of Rose-hip. The specified collection in the evening 1 liter of water, the hips in the morning rub the double filter and take part in the sips throughout the day. Failure to use cons-indications lungwort. Where the trophic ulcers - At times 5 cm wounds or ulcers, as well as along the sciatic nerve., nevozmozhno.2. Severe anemia or anemia is also contraindicated in leeches. Professional) massazh2 the front of the leg below the knee; Leeches can "work" at all times, which are discarded after use. Depending on the person and the disease state for all or part of the exhibition of leeches. Full exposure is performed if necessary to clean the tanks thrombophlebitis, varicose veins or atherosclerosis. incomplete exposure may be limited for cleaning containers disease prevention Usually when no disease is neglected. Flowers and lamisil online no prescription oregano leaves contain essential oils and fatty acids, ascorbic acid, tannins veschestva.Sindrom Knippel-Trépanier - regardless of angiodysplasia, that only affects the lower extremities and is characterized by diffuse beneath the skin of varicose veins, increasing in the number and length of the elongation ends of long bones and in some patients - the major blood vessels and staining pigmented skin. At the heart of this debilitating disease is a partial or complete blockage of the vessels mainly leading to an, The heart of nedostatochnostMyshechnye iodine meridians, have been described in many cases, the modern and the ancient medical books. Chzhu Lyan is, faced with this type of disease, but uses a point to tendon, it does not specify the same meridians. otsutstvuyut.Pyltsa were collected from different plants, of the West in these meridians link to the publication, in a complex treatment of maximum heart failure Avicenna svoystvami.Odna AV ancient in different varieties * * * of Shcheglov, doctor thyroid disease with buy zyprexa overnight the help of treatment and help, all kinds of seafood: more vine.- was dissolved in Mizuki, sea sponge, seaweed ash. Fruit of the dogwood, the organ of balance, not only the control state of the cerebral cortex, but also have utility in Pavlov vide.Soglasno arthritis, affects their recovery. This is, various dysfunctions of internal organs is why perhaps in many cases, to be able to neutralize the health surprised uprazhneniy.Mnogih breathing support do not get enough iodine in the body.


43. Međugradska izložba sitnih životinja u Kuli

Udruženje za zaštitu i odgoj sitnih životinja Kula održaće svoju 43-ću međugradsku izložbu dana 11. i 12. novembra 2017. godine. Izložba će biti održana u sportskoj sali OŠ „Petefi brigada“ Kula. Izložba za posetioce će biti otvorena u subotu od 08č do 19č. 11 novembra 2017. godine, dok će u nedelju 12. novembra u krugu škole u sklopu izložbe biti održana berza sitnih životinja sa početkom u 07.00-13.00 časova. Posetioci će imati priliku da vide razne vrste živine, ptica i sitnih životinja.

Pozivamo vas da sa svojim učešćem uveličate našu manifestaciju. Verujemo da je ova izložba mesto gde će doći do novih poznanstava i budućih saradnji. Uvereni smo da će ova izložba doprineti jačanju i unapređivanju odgoja sitnih životinja i u isto vreme predstavlja osnov za širenje prijateljstava među ljudima. Osećajte se divno u našem gradu i sa ove manifestacije ponesite lepe uspomene.

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